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The website is an exposé of projects completed by Brett "Bretski" Cobham, BSc. Management graduate of the University of the West Indies, certified project manager (PMP) and MBA graduate of Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business. Bretski gained marketing and creative experience while working as a consultant for a US north east coast consulting firm, as head of the creative department at the largest retailer in the Caribbean, as a freelance graphic designer/marketing consultant and as an ecommerce digital marketing consultant with one of the largest office supplies companies in the world.

ADH Consulting™

Alma Mater®, Limited

Carib. Environ. Testing & Monitoring, Ltd.

City of West Palm Beach

CL Environmental Ltd.

Courts Unicomer™ (Jamaica) Ltd.

CSports Marketing & Management

DRT Communications

Evergreen Cleaning & Sanitizing Solutions LLC

Georgetown University - Miami Alumni

Jamaica National Building Society, Florida

Kenneth Edwards, Athlete

Kim Vaughan Lerner℠, LLP

McFarlane Translations

MedSteward, LLC

Naturally You Family Hair Care

NMWB Global Management Services, LLC

OpenWave Information Security

Odontology Practitioners

Paula-Anne Porter & Associates

Photos by TERBO

Sagicor™ Insurance

Sea Symphony Villas, Barbados

Sweat Equity Holdings Limited

Sweet Sixteen™ Limited

Social Development Commission (SDC)

Simply Chiropractic Palm Beach

Taylored Athletes, Florida

UB Management Limited (Usain Bolt)

UWI - Graduate Class of '68

Village Auto Imports, Ltd.

YaadYute® Company Limited

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